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Employer DVM


Our process is simple. 

If you are an Employer DVM seeking to hire a full-time or a part-time Employee DVM, you will be asked to

  • sign a Client-Employer engagement agreement with this firm,
  • complete a Prospective Employer DVM Questionnaire describing the position that you are seeking to fill,
  • remit a small Engagement Fee that will partially defray initial expenses of the search on your behalf,
  • preview information sent to you by DVM Recruiters about eligible Prospective Employee DVMs,
  • determine which, if any, of the submitted Prospective Employee DVMs you wish to interview,
  • make a timely decision in selection of the Prospective Employee DVM,
  • pay a modest Placement Fee upon hiring your Employee DVM.

Please contact us at any time if you have questions.

504-782-2203 or 504-258-5551


Opportunities available:


Positions available in Arkansas, Alabama, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee



DVM RECRUITERS® is an affiliate of DVM CONSULTANTS®. Since 2008, DVM CONSULTANTS® has provided veterinary practice brokerage services, valuations, financing, business education, and advice and consultation to veterinarians. Active in five Southern states (AL, AR, LA, MS and TN) and in Colorado, DVM CONSULTANTS® has identified a need in the marketplace for a firm to provide for the recruitment and hiring of Associate DVMs.